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Mike Wallace Watch -- Steelers Wide Receiver Extends Consecutive 100 Yard Games Streak

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Soft-spoken Mike Wallace made headlines (in Steeler Nation at least) when he proclaimed this offseason that he was gunning for 2,000 yards receiving in 2011. Coming off a 1,257 yard season in '10 despite catching just 60 passes, Wallace certainly has plenty of room for growth statistically, but I don't think too many of us thought that Wallace would legitimately make a run at 2,000. It's never been done before after all, not even by the great Jerry Rice, who is the only player to even eclipse 1,800 yards in a single season (1,848; 1995).

We're only two games into the '11 season, but so far so good for No. 17. Wallace has recorded consecutive 100-plus yard receiving games to start the season. That's not five straight regular season games that Wallace has reached triple digits in receiving yards. Very impressive stuff. So, until Wallace has a poor game that puts him out of any sort of realistic contention to make a run at one of the best single-seasons for a wide receiver, we're going to track his numbers and see what he's on pace for. Let's take a look.

Week 1 @ BAL 8 107 13.38 0
Week 2 vs. SEA 8 126 15.75 1

16 233 14.56 1

128 1864 14.56 8
Watch Mike Wallace 53-yard reception during Week 2 win over Seattle ; watch 2-yard TD reception.