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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Seahawks Redux Edition

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I think most Steelers fans realized that it would be hard to extrapolate too much from their Week 2 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks....unless they lost, which of course would have indicated that Warren Sapp may have been onto something. That didn't happen though. The Steelers took care of business as expected, 24-0, but left just enough to be desired that most of Steeler Nation (and I imagine Mike Tomlin and the team as well) isn't doing back-flips because Pittsburgh blanked an impotent Seattle squad.

Because it's hard to know what the win really means, we aren't going to talk about the game in too much detail this week. Certainly not past Tuesday or early Wednesday. But there's still lots that's been written about the game worth reading. Let's get to some of that.

IX - Pete Wilmoth files his post-game notes on SB Nation Pittsburgh about the shutout win.

X - Dale Lolley does the same at his blog NFL From The Sidelines.

XIII -Steel Curtain Rising hands out 'Grades' for each position's play on Sunday.

XIV - I think most of us felt like Marcus Gilbert played adequately at right tackle in his rookie debut. Apparently Gilbert was not so pleased with his performance.

XL - Gerry Dulac has his 2-Minute Drill from Week 2, Peter King reflects on the week that was in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column, and Bill Barnwell breaks down Sunday's action for Grantland.

XLIII - What am I missing? Anything not from B/R or SD worth sharing?