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Behind the Steel Curtain 2011 Pick 'Em League Standings (pre-Week 3 Edition)

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Like I've done so many times before be it in Pick 'Em Leagues or Fantasy Football, I neglected to complete my picks for Week 1 of the BTSC Pick 'Em League.  My 3 point showing in Week 1 put me squarely behind the 8-ball as I try to make sure that the $75 dollar cash prize goes to yours truly. I did just fine in Week 2 with 9 correct picks, but respectable, above .500 showings like that won't be good enough because of the early hole I dug. Crazier things have happened though. We'll see.

Here's the Week 2 top pickers as well as updated standings through two weeks. And finally, I wrote this mainly to remind you all who are participating to continue getting your picks in each week so that we can see who emerges victorious for the cash prize by season's end.

Week 2 Top Results:
  • 13 correct picks: Brandon Ashton
  • 11 correct picks: John Farrell, Markiyan K, D Valley, Michele Forney, dudehitt,
  • 10 correct picks: Larry Acker (WolfpackSteelersFan), Mike Silverstein (Homer J.), juan sandez, Michael Hewitt (Steeler_), Alex Steeb, Keith Knarr, Matt Bash, Erik Luxhoj, Joe Malandra, Alex Duncan, Gail Buffington

Very impressive week from Mr, Ashton! 13-3 is about as good as it gets against the spread; I doubt he'll replicate that again this year, but if he even comes close on one or more occasion, he'll be in great shape to win this puppy.

On to the overall standings through two weeks.

Overall Standings:

1) John Farrell (21)
1) Larry Acker (21)
1) Mike Silverstein (21)

2) Adam Emrick (20)
2) J Sk (20)
2) juan sandez (20)
2) Markiyan K (20)
2) Michael Hewitt (20)

3) Alex Steeb (19)
3) Brandon Ashton (19)
3) D Valley (19)
3) Dan Goodemote (19)
3) Keith Knarr (19)
3) M U (19)
3) Matt Bash (19)

18 correct picks (8 players)
17 correct picks (15 players)
16 correct picks (16 players)