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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Bring on the Colts Edition

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IX - Here's your TV Distribution Map for Week 3.

X - Yes, Baron Batch files another post over at his blog. The latest offering's title: 'Rookie Duty and Twitter Rants.'

XIII - These aren't necessarily my picks for the BTSC Pick 'Em League, but since they are more 'public', I spend more time each week making selections over at SB Nation Pittsburgh.

XIV - Stampede Blue previews Sunday's game. Meanwhile, Brad Wells of Stampede Blue and I both were asked to participate in the 'Friday Forecast' series on The National Football Post each week. Check out our previews for Week 3, and make the NFPFF series a part of your regular reading each Friday.

XL - Dale Lolley shares his Top 10 and Bottom 10 teams, as well as who he likes this Sunday night between the Steelers and Colts.

XLIII - We had a few technical issues and the week got away from me, but here's Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 2 with myself, Neal and Frank Mineo. It was our first test run together and it was fun, but we have some kinks to work out for sure. Also, the final four minutes are us just talking thinking the show was over. So if you brave it that far in the first place, go ahead and shut it off around the 45:00 mark :)