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Sunday Morning Sermon: Final Thoughts On Steelers at Colts

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The Church of Latter Day Rooneys had to conceal its pride all week, as pride is a bad thing. It isn't making any apologies for such a biblical whipping of the hapless Seahawks, nor is it preparing for Indianapolis with anything less than Super Bowl-like focus. 


  • There will be no letdown. Coach Tomlin demands it off you. 
  • We won't underestimate the Colts. Too many talented individuals, too much experience. Yes, those things matter.
  • Warren Sapp stays outside, but Brett Greenwood firmly stays entrenched inside the Benediction Circle, and always will be. By all accounts, this was largely successful. 
  • We recognize playing this game inside on fake grass is not our way, but we will respect those who choose to make it a part of their franchise. It's all about tolerance and respect. 
  • But if Indianapolis wants to Suck For Luck, we won't stand in their way. 

Who wants it? 

Brother Jonathan Scott has been chastised for poor execution. He's got himself a big stage to prove his worth, and an opponent worthy of Goliath-like accolades. Dwight Freeney is mighty, indeed, but Brother Scott will be up to the task. His right-sided counterpart, Brother Marcus Gilbert will step up as well. Robert Mathis is a tall (short) but powerful adversary. Brother Marcus's youth in The Church hasn't yet faced such a challenge, but he will soon find the strength given to him through the hypocycloids on his helmet and on his chest. 

Song of Choice

The Church is blaring an older classic guaranteed to not be on anyone's pregame mix. The Church supports classics, as well as originality, especially when the visual it creates is Brothers LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison hunting lowly, non-Church-affiliated quarterbacks. 

An upbeat, yet haunting track, "Eli's Coming" by Three Dog Night made its way into the rotation when Brother LaMarr signed his contract extension. The character Eli is portrayed to be a womanizer, and Three Dog Night is warning all women that "Eli's coming, hide your heart, girl." 

On a higher level, it's a foreboding to all something bad is coming down the pike. It speaks to danger. That danger is coming, and you won't be able to escape. 

Hey Indy, Eli's can walk, but you'll never get away...

"Eli's comin', you better hide, girl/hide it, better-better hide your heart. 

Walk walk! But you'll never get away/you'll never get away from the burnin' heartache!

Eli's comin'! Hide it! Hide it! Hide it!

Eli's Coming/She walk, but she'll never get away/Eli's comin' to getcha!"

"Eli's Coming/She walk, but she'll never get away/Eli's comin' to getcha!"

Week 2 Benediction

May Brother Bruce mix three-step drops and max protects to negate a tough Colts pass rush. 

May Brother Willie Gay be effective both inside and outside the formation, giving Brother Keenan Lewis the opportunity to show he belongs. 

May the raucous and brutal Indianapolis Sunday Night crowd be waving Terrible Towels, the way we're used to seeing on primetime road games. 

May Brothers Antonio and Emmanuel continue the battle for Ben's attention, finding themselves open and receiving a perfect pass, only to turn it up field for epic YAC.