Driveby Report: The Steelers Giveth; the Steelers Taketh Away Edition

I'm back from the marvelous land of Detroit. I went there for some OJT on drivebys. I even got to ride back up for a tailgunner on a bread truck. Yeah times are that hard in Detroit. The hotel I stayed in was interesting. For the first few days I couldn't find anyone there that spoke English. I'm talking about guests and staff. Anyhow, let's get this party started riiiiiight. Let's get this party started quickly. Ride or die foo!

1. Rush Hard Spin-den-haul: You are now called Rush-soft-spin-den-fall. Can we see some more Redman? His style is better against the type of defense we saw last night. Even Meemo was better. Rush-soft this isn't dancing with the stars. Hit the hole before it closes.

2. Ben: Big plays kept the Colts in it; big plays kept us in it. With any homerun hitter you are going to get strikeouts.

3. Wallace: Pro Bowl. To stop bleeding apply pressure. Wallace does that and it stopped the bleeding caused by the lack of running game. If this was Madden 2012 he would get 20+ attempts a game.

4. Heeeeeeath: The option you may forget. Speed and allusiveness from Wallace and Brown? Double them. No problem Heath is money.

5. O-Line: If they protect Ben, you can't stop this offense. Too many options. That's a big IF like Dolly's girls. You can't whiff like that on and outside rush, especially if it's Freeney!

6. Speaking of Brown: Playa, got game, but quit doing that Santonio Holmes drop the ball first down point. Okay? Thanks.

7. Turnovers: Yeah, need I say more? If I do I'll lose my cool. I already exploded into a mushroom cloud. Not good for the ticker.

8. Close one: How about more KO's and enough of this rope a dope. I's a win, but.... Ok deep breath. That's better.

9. Deebo: He's showing some flashes, but more conditioning needed. Came up big late!

10. Foote and Farrior: It's called filling the hole. Remember? The game has not changed that much yet.

11. Willie Gay: Be glad Manning wasn't playing.

12. Troy: I am now convinced his role has been changed. In the fourth we saw more of the old role. It's good to know you have him in case of "fire."

13. Suisham: Was anyone else nervous when they ran the play to set the ball on the left hash....right where Suisham missed earlier?

14. @%^%&%^$: I don't know where that came from.

15. This one is yours.

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