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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Looking Back While Moving Forward Edition

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IX - Mike Tomlin updates the injury situation along the offensive line during his Tuesday press conference. We'll get a better sense of the injury status of Jonathan Scott, Marcus Gilbert and Doug Legursky after Wednesday's practice, but sounds like the chance of Scott (ankle) and Legursky (shoulder) both playing in Week 4 are fairly slim, with Legursky being more likely of the two to be ready to go. Gilbert's shoulder injury meanwhile doesn't seem nearly as serious. He seems like a 90 percent safe bet to play against the Houston Texans. 

X - Sean Conboy of Pittsburgh Magazine continues to churn out entertaining and informative features. His latest is an interview with Lawrence Timmons. Some good stuff in there, but one of my favorite parts had to be Timmons acknowledging that he has a sort of son-father relationship with Mike Tomlin because he was drafted by the Steelers at the tender age of 20.  Timmons claims that Tomlin has probably been harder on him than others because of that unique bond they have. 

XIII - Dale Lolley reports early Wednesday morning that Tomlin doesn't appear ready to 'waive the white flag' with the offensive line. 

XIV - 20 targets, 3 receptions for 20 yards. Those are the stats Ike Taylor has allowed through three games. Nothing we don't already know, but Taylor continues to play the cornerback position as well as anybody in the National Football League. Taylor limited Reggie Wayne to one catch last week; impressive stuff even without Peyton Manning in the lineup. Taylor's next challenge will be one of his two toughest of the year, a showdown with Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans

XL - Dear Dick LeBeau. Can you please comment on why you felt inclined to tackle Hayward Jeffries out of boundswhile coaching the Cincinnati Bengals in 1989. Totally awesome. Nice find by Steelers Lounge. 

XLIII - Ask and I shall receive? Probably not, but I did not long ago clamor for MIke Tomlin to make himself more available to the media. Word broke this week that the Steelers head coach will do a weekly show each Tuesday afternoon at 12:40 pm with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on The SiriusXM Blitz. Check out the Channel's webpage for a full show and guests listing.