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Five Burning Questions: Steelers Still Searching for Identity Heading into Week 4

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Hombre de Acero takes over maryrose's former series for a week. Chime in with your answers, and if you're so inclined, present your own set of 'burning questions' you'd like to hear Steeler Nation's take on. - Michael B. -


The Pittsburgh Steelers have started the 2011 campaign with some decided ups and downs. Whether you identify with the Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty perspective, here are five burning questions to chew on as Steelers Nation wraps up discussion on the Colts and turns ts attention towards the Steelers' Week 4 matchup with the Houston Texans.

  1. For better or for worse, the Steelers seemingly have decided to not bring back either Flozell Adams or Max Starks. The Steelers may be lacking at offensive tackle, but they inarguably have have one of the deepest receiving corps in franchise history. If you could engineer a salary-cap neutral trade that would ship one of our receivers off in exchange for a clear upgrade at tackle, would you do it? If so, who do you ship out?

  2. What happened on the Colts final drive? Did the James Harrison-Troy Polamalu strip-sack-six light a fire under Painter, or did the defense let up a la 2009?

  • Should the Steelers consider sacrificing versatility for protection by lining up Doug Legursky or Trai Essex in the backfield as their base offensive formation?

  • The Steelers run blocking has been below par. If you were Mike Tomlin would you encourage Sean Kulger to begin cut blocking against opposing defensive lines the way opponents are cut blocking Aaron Smith, Ziggy Hood, and Casey Hampton?

  • Quick:  You stumble into an elevator and to your shock and surprise you find yourself one-on-one with Dan Rooney. You have the undivided attention of the The Chairman Emeritus of the Pittsburgh Steelers for 90 seconds. What is the ONE question you'd ask?