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Patriots Release S Merriweather

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The New England Patriots have cut the biggest name of the day thus far; two-time Pro Bowl FS Brandon Merriweather.

The move, announced by Boston Globe reporter Greg Bedard, came amid speculation that the defending AFC East champion Patriots were looking to trade Merriweather.

He has been to the last two Pro Bowls, and is 27 years old. His release now means the Patriots don't have any of their draft picks from 2007 on their roster.

There were reports midway through training camp that Merriweather had fallen out of favor with the Patriots. He missed time last season due to his allegedly freelancing plays on defense.

Since Merriweather is a vested veteran, he isn't subject to waivers and is a free agent.

Merriweather's attitude aside, he's a talented player, and won't have to wait long for many offers.