Dorin Dickerson works out for Steelers Monday

Steelers Depot reports that former Pitt Panther Dorin Dickerson - who was cut by the Houston Texans - has been scheduled for a workout with the Steelers on Monday.

It's not far for the former West Allegheny and Pitt star to travel, and Dickerson is certainly one of the best athletes available at this time.

"Adaptability is a good ability," Mike Tomlin once said.

Dickerson played on both sides of the ball at Pitt, as a linebacker and tight end. He also played running back and return man in high school, as well as Quarterback - which seems to be a requirement to play any offensive position with the Steelers other than offensive line.

Dickerson's problem so far is that he seems to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none. The Texans tried to switch him to wide receiver this year and it didn't work out. For his entire college career, Dickerson was pegged as an enormous talent, and he played well, but never lived up to the "enormous" part of his talent. He never seemed to find the right position to play.

At 6'2" and 225 pounds, Dickerson may be a bit light to be an NFL tight end, but he runs a 4.4 40 and could be an excellent H-back. And, most of all, he could be a monster on special teams. He's not afraid to hit - or be hit.

It's no big deal for someone to work out with a team - this kind of thing happens all the time. Often, the workouts are not even announced. But Dickerson is a local guy with a ton of talent and potential. The only H-back on the PS right now is Jamie McCoy.

The special teams have undergone a major turnover, losing last year's captain KFox, and Anthony Madison. Al Everest did get to keep Arnaz Battle, and Sylvester has turned into the ace of the coverage teams, but the hunch here is that Everest is one member of the coaching staff who has an interest in taking a look at Dickerson.

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