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Dale Lolley Joins Behind the Steel Curtain For Final Live Chat Before Steelers and Ravens Meet in Week 1

As I mentioned Wednesday evening, I'm pleased to be able to bring Dale Lolley of the Observer-Reporter, Steel City Insider and NFL From The Sidelines back to Behind the Steel Curtain for another hour-long live chat. Many, many thanks to Dale for agreeing to field y'alls questions for this next hour, and many, many thanks to you all for making the last one run so smoothly. I imagine we'll have greater participation this time, which means the onus is on each and every one of us to spread out our questions throughout the hour so that Dale can get to as many as possible without feeling overwhelmed, missing interesting questions, or feeling too rushed to answer what we want answered thoroughly.

We should all know how the auto-refresh commenting system works here on BTSC. That's just to say, if you see five comments get published all at once, wait for a short lull in the action before presenting your question. Also, please try to read what was asked earlier in the chat so as not to ask repeat questions. I'm confident this will again be fun and informative. Let's all do our part though. And, it goes without saying, but let's again be as kind and welcoming to Dale as possible. We've had a nice working relationship going this past month and I'd like to keep that door open to all of us in the future.


Michael B.