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Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 22: NFL Playoffs Preview with Dale Lolley

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We recorded Episode 22 of Terrible Towel Talk on Monday night. Like usual, Dave Villiotti and the great Bill Priatko were able to join me to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers, their Week 17 win over the rival Cleveland Browns, and their upcoming playoff matchup with the Denver Broncos. For the final 30 minutes of the 90 minute podcast, Dale Lolley, veteran beat reporter for the Observer-Reporter and the author of the popular blog NFLFromTheSidlines, joined us to update the injuries to the Steelers' young secondary, which matchups he thinks are most favorable for the Steelers in this year's AFC postseason field, and other informative topics you'll find enjoyable and worth checking out.

Listen to mp3 of Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 22: NFL Playoffs Preview (Lolley interview begins at about 60:00 mark)

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