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Steelers Confirm Mike Tomlin is Interviewing Todd Haley Tuesday

Despite the ramblings of naysayers, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is reportedly interviewing Todd Haley for the team's offensive coordinator position.

The news came on the Steelers own web site, the first story appearing on there referring to the job opening since a story with quotes from Tomlin after former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians' alleged retirement.

To make the issue more compelling, Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly Tweeted Tuesday afternoon that it's "very uncharacteristic" of the Steelers to post such information on its web site.

That lends credence to the notion the interview may really only be a formality.

Haley's father, Dick Haley, was Pittsburgh's director of player personnel from 1971-90, making the story a bit more newsworthy for Steelers fans. But Haley's name is a hot one, and judging by the comments from Steelers fans (with Chiefs fans weighing in on the matter), many seem to support the idea of Haley taking over the Steelers offense under Tomlin.


Coach Mike Tomlin continued his search for an offensive coordinator when he interviewed Todd Haley today at the team's practice facility.

The Steelers are looking for an offensive coordinator to replace Bruce Arians.

Haley, 45 on Feb. 28, most recently worked in the NFL as the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Hired there in 2009, Haley took the Chiefs to the AFC West title in 2010 but was fired 13 games into the 2011 season with Kansas City at 5-8.

Before being hired in Kansas City, Haley worked as an NFL assistant for four different teams over a 10-year span. He started as a wide receivers coach with the New York Jets in 1999; moved to Chicago to coach the Bears wide receivers in 2001; became the wide receivers coach/passing game coordinator in Dallas in 2004; and then was hired as Arizona's offensive coordinator in 2007.