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5 Burning Questions Steelers vs. Broncos Wild Card Edition

The Cincinnati Benglas failed to take care of business (no surprise there) but the Steelers victory over the Browns gave them a 12-4 record more than gets them into the playoffs. It also gives us plenty of material for our 5 Burning Questions Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos Wild Card Edition.

1. Neal Coolong described a private jersey ritual he will observe to honor Hines Ward's 1,000 catch achievement. The Steelers, have only officially retired Ernie Stautner's jersey, but have an unofficial rule that numbers 12, 32, 52, 58, 59*, and 75 do not get re-issued. Do you think number 86 needs to join that elite group?

2. Antonio Brown has had a sensational season, but nonetheless was a surprise winner of the Steelers 2011 MVP award. Do you think Brown has done enough to deserve the award, and if not who should have gotten it?

3. Ryan Clark and his doctors had apparently had a plan in place that would allow him to play at Denver. Given how thin Pittsburgh suddenly is at defensive back, do you think that Mike Tomlin is right not to play Clark?

4. The Steelers are also mighty thin at running back. Hines Ward played tail back his sophomore season at Georgia. If, God forbid, Pittsburgh should suffer another injury at running back during the playoffs should they consider lining Ward up in the backfield?

5. Name one player on each side of the ball that must step up his game for the Steelers run at Lombardi Number Seven to be successful.

Wild Card Question:

6. Seneca Wallace hurt the Steelers defense plenty with his scrambling ability. What must the Steelers defense do to stop Tim Tebow from doing the same?

There you go folks. Remember, to get full credit, you must "show your work." Enjoy!

*The astute ones will note that number 59 was indeed reassigned in 1984 - Since it has been out of circulation since then I can only assume this was an oversight. (Interestingly enough, Donnie Shell's number (31) went over a decade without being worn by another player.)