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Steelers vs. Broncos: AFC Wild Card Round Open Thread (1st Half)

Playoff football returns for the six-time Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers. We sure are blessed to have meaningful games in January to watch most years as fans of the Steelers. As nice as it is to just qualify for the postseason, the hope is always that the Steelers get or stay hot at the right time and win it all. Even in a year like 2011 when so much is stacked against the Steelers, the optimism remains. And why shouldn't it? Especially this weekend against a very average Denver Broncos team?

Both home teams won on Saturday however, and it appears as if the New York GIants will make it 3-for-3. Pittsburgh can expect a loud and riled up crowd in Denver, so if there was any advantage the Broncos have, it begins and ends there really. Hopefully the Steelers get out to a fast start and take the crowd out of it a little bit, not to mention force Denver to get outside its comfort zone offensively.

Catch you all during the game. Go Steelers!