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5 Burning Questions on the Steelers

The Steelers have a short week, but here are 5 Burning Questions Steelers Nation must face.

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

The Steelers squeaked out a victory over the Eagles, and now have a short week heading into Tennessee. Here are 5 Burning Questions which Steelers Nation must grapple with in the meantime.....

1. The butter fingers that Young Money sprouted in Oakland seemed to have taken root at Heinz Field. Counts vary, but Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown dropped between 4 and 5 catchable balls. Is this just a blip or do you fear a trend is building?

2. Rashard Mendenhall clearly made a difference in the victory over the Eagles. But how do we interpret this? Is it: A. Rashard Mendenhall is head and shoulders better than Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer? B. The run blocking was better. C. Redman and Dwyer were/are still nursing injuries from preseason? D. Some combination of the above?

3. Steve McLendon got into the game and made some noise almost immediately. How many people think that Casey Hampton is starting ahead of him solely on merit?

4. Homer J gave us a fabulous article about some great Steelers-Oilers games. That rivalry has continued in Tennessee, with the Steelers getting the short end of it, particularly in Nashville. Given the Steelers poor road performances against weak teams, what makes you think they can bag what would only be their third victory down in Tennessee?

5. Last week Tony Defeo roundly called out Lawrence Timmons, and lo and behold the results: For one game at least, the Lawrence Timmons of 2010 was back. Which other player is in most need of a turn around so that Tony can make plans to call him out?

There you go folks. Remember to use only No. 2. dark pencils!