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Weekly Chats Presented By XFINITY: Austin Schindel talks to BTSC editor Neal Coolong

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

I had the pleasure of spending some time talking Steelers football with XFINITY Sports Guy Austin Schindel Thursday in preparation for the Steelers' big Week 6 road game at Tennessee.

The XSG gets to attend tonight's game, making me jealous and borderline angry. Nashville's a great town, and with the crowd likely to be half-full of Steelers fans, it was no doubt a great time Wednesday night and all day today. Weather's supposed to be perfect for football tonight in Tennessee, so on behalf of all of us unable to attend the game, Austin, we need confirmation you packed your Terrible Towel.

We're getting closer to game time, so we're going to post the interview. Give it a watch.

XFINITY is a proud sponsor of Behind The Steel Curtain and SB Nation, and we're happy to have them along for the ride.

Thanks to XFINITY for helping me bring the chat to Behind The Steel Curtain each week.

, @XFINITYSports