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Rashard Mendenall Achilles injury said to be minor

Whether it really is minor or not isn't clear, but it's still an injury for the rehabbing Mendenhall.

Joe Sargent - Getty Images

A friend of a friend of a guy who talked to someone said something happened.

That's pretty much how reporting works in many ways. It's how does things sometimes. In this case, NFLN's Ian Rappaport reported he spoke with someone who spoke to Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall, who said his Achilles injury suffered in the Steelers' Week 6 loss at Tennessee is "minor."

It's encouraging, in the sense an Achilles tendon is something one would definitely know if it was injured significantly. It's not so great in two ways: One, we'd hope Breer and NFLN would denote the report as having come from someone with a medical background, and if not, understand for all people know, I could be the source.

I diagnose injuries based on replay evidence all the time. Those diagnoses are often overturned.

Two, if it's a minor injury, it's an injury all the same. While it may not be one requiring a few roster moves, it can't possibly be seen as something that will increase Mendenhall's touches.

Isaac Redman (who was hurt himself, although it isn't expected to be serious) has run a little better since Mendenhall's return, but as the Steelers showed in their first three games - all without Mendenhall - it will be difficult to expect him to carry the running game in a positive way.