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NFL Week 6 Open Thread: Bengals vs. Browns and other league action

It's another early game schedule without the Steelers (the fifth time in six weeks), so an open thread to discuss the action in your area as well as spending some time in the lab discussing what's wrong with the 2-3 Steelers seems like the right way to go.

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

There's a big AFC North battle going on in Ohio, as the suddenly cooled-down Bengals take on the winless Browns in a very important game for both teams. Cleveland has knocked on victory's door a few times this season, and while your record tells you who you are as a team, they've come much closer than people would expect.

The Bengals' big play offense was stymied by the Dolphins in Week 5, and to keep pace in the AFC North, they absolutely have to win this game.

Baltimore will take on the Cowboys, and the fact it's in Baltimore probably means it won't be close. Games started by quarterback Tony Romo have a way of becoming interesting for a wide scope of reasons.

I'm working the desk for SB Nation, so I'll be around all afternoon, passing on cool GIFs of plays and things of that sort. Stick around, because the good news is, a lot of other teams will lose like the Steelers did Thursday.

That's comforting to me, for some reason.