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Google Hangout Sunday Night Conversation

Google Hangout was active Sunday night with a few guests talking NFL and Steelers football.

Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
I met with Lance Williams of Steel Curtain Radio and Matt from Sunday night to discuss the AFC, the Steelers and any and all football-related topics that came into our heads.

The results may surprise you. They may not. Either way, they're here.

Discussing a bit of the very Steelers-like rash of Ravens injuries, losing linebacker Ray Lewis to a triceps injury and cornerback Lardarius Webb to a torn ACL.

From there, we went into some discussion about the possibility of the over/under for Ike Taylor penalties being set at 4 in Week 7 against Cincinnati, the Cleveland Browns, and the playoff picture after six weeks.

Then, of course, we talked about the Tennessee game. We each had slightly different perspectives on The Punt, and generally agreed the situation was dire before that, and much if it was due to earlier playcalls.

By the end of it, we left the world a better place, and all were happy. Give it a view!