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Chuck Noll biography in the works

Having avoided the public eye after a Hall of Fame career, it's been a long time since we've gotten a feel for the man who won four Super Bowls.

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There was a lesson my mentor taught me on the news desk that went something to the effect of "sometimes the fact it's not a story is news."

I didn't immediately understand the depth of that statement, but the more I learned about the business, the more I got it.

It springs up sometimes critical questions like "it used to be a story, why isn't it anymore," and "why don't they want to discuss this?"

I was reminded of that when I read Post-Gazette reporter Ed Bouchette's item on a Chuck Noll biography being in the works, and how the legendary coach has avoided the spotlight for many years.

The fact Noll shuns the spotlight, bypassing a chance to have written at least one autobiography by now is understandable. I've often wondered, though, why no one has written anyone on the man in context to the Steelers' recent run of success.

"Why doesn't Noll want to discuss it" creates a buzz, so to speak, and further questions come to mind. What does he think of the current direction of the league? What would he have done against today's league-favored passing offenses? Would he have enjoyed Thursday Night Football?

If he won't answer those questions directly, and we're only left to imply, a biography highlighting the man, the myth and the legend will have to do. I, for one, am beyond excited to read it, whenever it comes out.

Saints coach Sean Payton won a Super Bowl and wrote an autobiography. Kansas (and former Notre Dame coach) Charlie Weis wrote an autobiography. I've read both of those, both times, walking away from the four-hour read with a sense of loathing of both men, and wondering, in his prime, how badly Noll could have beaten either of them - both from a coaching perspective and a physical one in a post-game altercation.