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Week 7 Power Rankings video: Did the Steelers crack the top 20?

Weekly Power Rankings as presented by BTSC and SB Nation

Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: Behind the Steel Curtain (via SBNSteelers)

What's the deal with the NFL? There's a clear No. 1 team, the undefeated Atlanta Falcons, and they were nearly defeated at home in Week 6. Can they stay at the top spot?

Green Bay has to get a bit of its mojo back after a whipping of former No. 1 Houston on Sunday night.

There goes that Home Teams On Primetime theory. For this week, anyway.

But the rest of the league is in flux; there's a tough call for 2-9 at least, and the bottom is pretty muddled as well.

Cleveland may not actually be the worst team in football, though. No. 32 is fairly well set, but the rest of the bottom 10 is also up in the air.

Who goes where? It's a tough call everywhere. Seems like every team has a battle for the spot above them and a challenge from the team behind them.

Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh? Can't lose three games on the road.

Watch it and find out who's where.