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Week 7 NFL Predictions: Smooth Jimmy weighs in on the action

Steelers at Cincinnati is a tough one, says Smooth Jimmy.


Smooth Jimmy is back in a manner of speaking...he's just a bit cloudy on a few of the games on this week's slate.

He's gonna provide commentary on a few, and scores on the rest.

Seattle at San Francisco

Big battle in the deflating NFC West. Huge disappointment for San Francisco to drop this game. Seahawks defense is too young to think they need that much recovery time, and they're gonna continue making Alex Smith flounder.

Seahawks 17, 49ers 15

Tennessee at Buffalo

Titans 23, Bills 17

Washington at NY Giants

NFC East games are always seemingly personal. Much of it is based in one team talking trash to the other before the game. Not sure who's popping off to whom this week, but the Giants will win anyway.

Giants 27, Redskins 24

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

Saints 41, Bucaneers 27

Dallas at Carolina

Panthers 26, Cowboys 21

Baltimore at Houston

The Texans looked so flat Sunday night, Smooth Jimmy just doesn't like them in this one. Oddly enough, you'd think the Texans would do to Baltimore what Green Bay did to them; pick on the subs of the injured players. But this is Gary Kubiak we're talkin' about here...

Ravens 24, Texans 13

Cleveland at Indianapolis

Colts 20, Browns 10

Green Bay at St. Louis

Packers 45, Rams 17

Arizona at Minnesota

The Vikings looked like they probably should have looked all year. So did the Cardinals. Vikings at home are tough.

Vikings 20, Cardinals 17

NY Jets at New England

These games always make Smooth Jimmy nervous. The Jets won't show up again, though. Maybe that's a good thing.

Patriots 30, Jets 17

Jacksonville at Oakland

Raiders 16, Jaguars 10

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

Smooth Jimmy really doesn't like this one for the Steelers. Really doesn't like A.J. Green. But can't like Cincinnati's one-dimensional offense at all.

Steelers 26, Bengals 20

Detroit at Chicago

Chicago 31, Detroit 27