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Google Hangout Conversation Between Neal Coolong and David Vaughn

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

10.2.12_David Vaughn (via Neal Coolong)

Reader David Vaughn was kind enough to join me as a guinea pig to my latest dive into Google Hangout.

He performs far better than I do, all things considered. Despite a brief guest audio appearance by my neighbor's car vacuum, we chat about the current state of the Steelers, and a few notions about where they are and where they'll be going in the near future.

The Eagles present a daunting challenge, and a few of the match-ups the Steelers will face are going to be pretty tough to overcome. That doesn't mean Doom and Gloom though. This team still has talent, but like raw kernels in the pan/bag, it isn't popcorn until it pops.

We're still waiting for that, and the fact it's at home certainly suggests it's possible for the Steelers to pull out a win. It would definitely be the more impressive of the two, considering Philadelphia's talent is just slightly ahead of the Jets.

Give it a watch, and if you're interested in participating in something like this in the future, join Google Plus and drop me a line.