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Steelers vs. Bengals: Google Hangout live chat broadcast

Listen in to the as-of-now-underrated BTSC pregame show, and click on the link below to comment and ask questions.


We've got some pregame Hangout for you tonight, live on Behind The Steel Curtain, in wake of the now significantly big AFC North game with the Steelers and Bengals in Cincinnati.

After the complete meltdown of the Baltimore Ravens in Houston, both the Bengals and the Steelers have tons to play for, so the importance of this game can't be understated.

Except for the fact that, win or lose, there's nine games left, but it wouldn't be as much fun to point that out.

We're going to talk some match-ups, some predictions, maybe even some notes from around the league.

You'll be able to submit comments and ask questions by clicking on this link:

That will take you to our You Tube channel, and we're looking at it in real time, so feel free to ask anything you'd like answered before this game.

We're getting fired up, it's prime time so let's hang out.