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Steelers Vs. Bengals Second Half Thread: Tied at 14, Steelers capitalize on turnover at end of half

A rough half with missed opportunities plagued the Steelers, but they went to the locker room tied at 14.

Andy Lyons

Missed plays by the load of the Steelers defense as well as Mike Wallace (x2), Baron Batch and Ben Roethlisberger, but yet, the Steelers trail 14-13 at Cincinnati.

A huge touchdown and two-point conversion from Ben Roethlisberger to Heath Miller knotted the game at 14 - a game that didn't appear to be working in Pittsburgh's favor at all.

But that's how football works sometimes. It's points on the board, not yards on the field.

The Steelers have two first half turnovers on the road in prime time against a decent - if not good - team and they're tied.

Who has the momentum in the second half?

This game is going to swing in Pittsburgh's favor if the defense can get through this first drive. Dropped passes may have cost them points, but Cincinnati failed to shut the door when they had the chance. If Pittsburgh can get the ball back without giving up points, one has to like their chances moving the ball into scoring range again.

Here's to the second half, but first...some fun with GIFs.

This appears to be Cee Lo Green mounting an orange water toy.



And Woodley picking up the ricochet off the lineman's helmet. Woodley barely had to move, but you gotta love his reverse pivot into the open field.