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Steelers Fake Injury Report: Emmanuel Sanders

Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders collapsed in the huddle late in the fourth quarter of Pittsburgh's 24-17 victory over the Bengals Sunday night. He later miraculously recovered from his "leg cramp" and courageously went back into the game.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

With all the injuries the Steelers have suffered this season--Troy Polamalu, Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman missed Sunday night's clash in Cincinnati, for example--the last thing the team needed was a member of its "Young Money" trio to go down.

However, for a brief moment in the waning seconds of Pittsburgh's 24-17 victory over the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium, it looked like the Steelers highly touted receiving triad would be reduced to a dyad after clutch third down specialist Emmanuel Sanders collapsed in a heap while standing in the Steelers huddle.

Sanders would be helped off the field with what looked to be a leg cramp. Miraculously, he came back on the field and courageously fought through the injury and finished out the game.

The Monday morning following a Sunday night clash is way too early to speculate on an injury as team doctors and trainers often wait to see how a player responds the next day. Besides, as most doctors will tell you, there are symptoms that appear to indicate one condition but are actually diagnosed as something completely different after more thorough testing is conducted.

For example, what might look like a leg cramp or more severe leg injury, might actually be a benign case of savethetimeoutitis.

Check back with Behind the Steel Curtain throughout the week for further updates regarding Sanders' condition.