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5 Burning Questions Facing the Steelers as They Prepare for the Redskins

Did the Steelers defense start a new trend vs. the Bengals? How will Pittsburgh shut down RGIII? Can Mike Tomlin stop the Steelers special teams penalties? Here are 5 Burning Questions facing the Pittsburgh Steelers heading into the Redskins game.

Larry French

The Steelers responded to yet another 4th quarter collapse with a game where the offense took the lead in the 4th quarter only to have the defense break form and defend it. Did we see a new trend born in Paul Brown Stadium?

Time will tell, but for now here are the 5 Burning Questions confronting Steelers Nation as the Black and Gold prepare to take on the should-be rival (see below) Washington Redskins.

1. According to Alan Robinson, Mike Tomlin benched Jonathan Dwyer for his fumble vs. the Raiders. If Mike Tomlin has in fact lit a fire under Dwyer, is that worth the price that the Steelers paid for not having him available for the Titans game?
2. Special teams penalties are costing the Steelers dearly. Tomlin has promised to "take helmets" away from the culprits. Who should sit down?
3. If you haven't read PaVaSteelers excellent article on the Steelers being wolves in sheep's clothes, click here to do so now. PaVa argues that the Steelers had a statement game. Yet, can the Steelers evening themselves to .500 qualify as a statement game? Refute or defend.
4. Despite growing up suburban Maryland during the first Joe Gibbs era, I stayed loyal to the Steelers and learned to hate the Redskins. I've argued, often in vain, that the Steelers and Redskins have the raw material for a rivalry. Let's hear from fellow Steelers Nation expats in the DC Metro area. You getting extra fired up for this one? If so please help everyone else understand why.
5. Dick LeBeau's record vs. rookie quarterbacks is second to none. Yet, the Steelers defense remains shaky. What must the Steelers do to shut down the NFC leading rusher Alfred Morris and the dangerously explosive RGIII?

Remember folks to get full credit you must show your work. All answers must be your own, but by all means look at your neighbor's answers.