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Week 8 NFL Predictions: Smooth Jimmy weighs in on the action

Smooth Jimmy picks the primetime games and the division games, but outside of that, he's pretty much throwing darts at the board here in Week 8.

Andy Lyons

Smooth Jimmy keeps hearing numbers and letters and words from people telling him how wrong he is.

Smooth Jimmy asserts he won't be done in by mere letters and numbers. Whatever "R-G-3" means, he's not buying it.

In fact, Smooth Jimmy is making the Steelers (-4.5) his Lock of the Week. And yes, it's a big lock. The Steelers are going to remind all of us that for as spectacular King Letters and Number has been this year, he hasn't faced Dick LeBeau's defense. Less teeth, similar bite from the Steelers defense, but just as much of a mind bleep as always.

Steelers 34, Letters And Numbers And Other Guys, 29

It doesn't appear the Buccaneers have any real idea who they are as a team. They were a team about to tie the hapless New Orleans Saints, then they step out of bounds before catching the ball.

Smooth Jimmy laughed at the "outrage" over the call. We are a society that leaves and breathes on controversy, aren't we?

No controversy in snowy (yes, snowy) Minneapolis tonight.

Vikings 23, Buccaneers 16

Chicago 31, Carolina 29

Browns 19, Chargers 17

What happened to Phillip Rivers anyway? Did he swear, or became insanely jealous of Tim Tebow? Oh, how the mightily above average have fallen in San Diego.

Fortunately for for everyone's non-Tebow Bible aficionado, Rivers gets to play Cleveland. But...Smooth Jimmy's feelin' the Browns in this one. Mostly because Rivers doesn't seem to have his head or his soul together.

Seahawks 17, Detroit 16

Green Bay 48, Jaguars 10

Indianapolis 13, Tennessee 10

New England 27, Rams 17

Miami 20, Jets 16

Philadelphia 24, Atlanta 23

Kansas City 20, Oakland 17

Giants 30, Dallas 20

Boy, I bet you thought the Saints and Broncos was gonna be one helluva match-up earlier this season, eh? Smooth Jimmy is thinkin' about dustin' off his Nikes and getting out in the Saints secondary to stop the run and make some bounty money.

PaVa is telling Smooth Jimmy New Orleans is taking this game. So Smooth Jimmy is telling you to take New Orleans.

Saints 34, Broncos 28

The Cardinals are...who Jimmy thought they were. You knew that was coming at some point.

49ers 27, Cardinals 10