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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Buccaneers at Vikings in Week 8 could be...interesting

Not a ton of headliners in this one, but football is football, so let's talk about it.

Hannah Foslien

I believe very deeply in the idea of a one person one team wedding. Because of that, I cannot claim I am a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

And I wouldn't be anyway, but they're the home town team so they're the team I hear the most about outside the Steelers. I keep an eye on them mostly so I can stay current with conversations, and mostly because Vikings fans are among the more fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom.

This is probably true of everywhere, but few things are more enjoyable than turning on the local Vikings radio carrier (1130 AM KFAN) and listening in to Vikings Fan Line after a loss.

We used to have a bet on what the topic and specific question of the first caller. We had to quit because callers went two and a half seasons with "Fire Brad Childress."

Doesn't seem they're saying the same thing about Leslie Frazier, as the 5-2 Vikings host the 2-4 Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football.

(ya see that segue??)

Anyway...some things to watch, Adrian Peterson's inhuman ability to run the way he is after a torn ACL, Christian Ponder (a Flacconian drone with less of an arm and can sometimes be overwritten and controlled by defensive coordinators by remote control) and what...uh...interesting decisions he'll make tonight. And, of course, something about the Buccaneers.