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Sons of Washington Redskins podcast speaks with BTSC before Week 8

Ray Smith and Kiel Maddox of the Son of Washington podcast spoke with Behind The Steel Curtain editor Neal Coolong leading up to the Steelers Redskins Week 8 contest.

Larry French

It's always enjoyable interacting with media from other teams, and I had the pleasure of joining the Son of Washington podcast Thursday evening to discuss a variety of issues related to Pittsburgh's Week 8 game against Washington.

They asked great questions, and had a much stronger grasp on the Steelers than media of opposing teams usually do. We had a lot of fun breaking down Washington's defense (schematic challenges under Jim Haslett, but they assured me the fact he got a contract extension is the "kiss of death" for his time in D.C.), talking about the wave of Steelers fans that take over FedEx Field each time the Steelers play there and the current direction of both teams.

My general feeling is this will be a competitive, high-scoring game, and the Steelers will ultimately win, but their quarterback (you may have heard of him) is only going to get better.

Give it a listen, you can follow them on Twitter at @sonofwashington and @insaneboost.