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ESPN poll show huge majority of fans "hate" Steelers throwback jerseys

What's on the outside doesn't count, right? The Steelers hope that's at least partially true, as they head into their Week 8 game against Washington preparing to wear possibly the least liked jerseys in team history.

ESPN ran a poll recently asking readers to vote on their opinions of the Steelers throwback jerseys, which the team will wear for the first of two games this season in Week 8 against Washington.

The results showed 65 percent of voters "hated" them, 10 percent were unsure and 25 percent liked them.

The previous Steelers throwbacks were a bit more conservative and less gaudy. While it may have been time to change those up a bit, especially considering it's the team's 80th season, the ones they chose are a bit more bold than the understated franchise usually represents itself.

This team doesn't even have a logo on the 50-yard line. Simplicity seems to be the modus operendi.

At the risk of making this yet another all-out assault on the jerseys, like hundreds of other hack writers have spewed out this week, nothing about the uniform even makes sense. Why are the pants tan? Did they use all the black and yellow fabric sewing over the prison-issued stripes that comprise the jersey?

Former Oakland A's and New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi used to say, "look sexy, hit sexy." The Steelers are choosing to go a different direction from that, and I won't complain, but anything other than a convincing win in these ridiculous uniforms are going to put a stigma on them that's more garish than the tan bees look they'll be sporting at Heinz Field Sunday.