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Steelers vs. Redskins First Half Open Thread: Huge game kicks off in rainy Pittsburgh

In many ways, Heinz Field will look like FedEx Field in Washington. Filled with Terrible Towels and black 'n gold.

Joe Robbins

This game has all the makings of a masterpiece.

Just my useless $0.02, I think the East Coast Offense has been put on film just enough now where defensive coordinators are going to be able to pick apart what the Redskins' tendencies are, and prepare for them.

The key here is the fact Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has done an excellent job of mixing it up, and providing enough variation to it that teams are struggling to adapt in-game.

I just feel like this will be the most prepared defense the Redskins will have faced, and not because the Steelers are top to bottom better than the Redskins' opponents. It's a challenge Washington will see more and more with each passing game.

It's not a "gimmick" offense, but it is unusual, and there isn't much precedent for it in the NFL.

Expect the Redskins to have some early success. It's a very talented offense through all 11 positions. But without their leading receiver (Fred Davis) and the return of Chris Cooley (who hasn't played this season) is bound to slow the offense down just enough to give the Steelers a chance to figure it out and make adjustments.

No one's reading this anyway, so let's get fired up and enjoy some Steelers football.