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Negative aspects of Steelers win over Redskins seem trivial compared to the good

First the bad news. Let's see..

Joe Sargent

Ryan Clark suffered a concussion and we might have some depth issues at safety as a result. And uhh..

Antonio Brown did some unnecessary and counterproductive showboating in doing his part in cancelling out his own punt return for a touchdown. And uhh..

Another Brown, Curtis did his part to make sure the play wouldn't count with an illegal block in the back. Does he lose his helmet? And uhh..

The Steelers didn't score every time they had the ball. And uhh...

They were wearing ugly uniforms. And uhh..

With the performance of Jonathan Dwyer we may be looking at a running back controversy when Mendenhall and Redman get healthy. Tomlin was noncommittal on this point after the game. And uhh..

DeAngelo Hall--, oh that's right, he doesn't play for us, never mind. And uhh..

We have to go to New York and play the World Champs next week. And uhh..

There's a hurricane coming. And uhh...

Okay Steeler Nation, anything else?

So what went right?

Todd Haley. That offense is coming together. Honestly, when they have things going like they did today how do you stop them? And in all probability they haven't come close to peaking yet.

Offensive line. Please let me know if you saw any deficiencies here because I didn't. I think Mike Adams has quietly arrived. Colon gave us a replay of his tendency to use the ground to tenderize defensive players. Pouncey is back. And you didn't notice Foster and Starks, which is a good thing. There was room for the running game and time for Ben. What more do you want? Oh, yeah and DeCastro may be back soon.

Jonathan Dwyer. Second hundred yard rushing game for him. Comparisons being made to Jerome Bettis. Not bad for a guy who folks were trying to run out of town a couple of months ago.

Heath Miller. Haley should get credit for creating the environment where Heath is allowed to play up to his potential. The most dominant tight end in football at the moment, hands down.

Mike Wallace. Solid bounce back game for him. A great catch at the goal line that was called incomplete.

Ben. Aww hell. He's doing whatever he wants now. He has the scheme, the tools and the protection. Uh oh NFL.

Pope and Johnson. A couple of key plays by bit players. Result: fourteen points.

Brown and Sanders, Batch and Rainey. Look how far down the list you have to go before you even mention these guys.

Dick LeBeau. Not quite ready for the old folks home yet. Accomplished what no other DC has done yet this season; made RG III look pedestrian.

Keenan Lewis. Gave a Pro Bowl caliber performance today.

Ike Taylor. Barely noticed him. A good thing.

Will Allen. Best game I've seen from him as a Steeler.

Linebackers. Solid contributions from the entire group. They took away the big play from the Redskin offense and contained the potent running game.

Shaun Suisham. Another solid kicking game. He's become so automatic lately no one seems to notice anymore.

Special teams. Other than that Brown punt return, the kick coverage was good and they got a block on an extra point. Good stuff. As Tomlin said, solid play from all three phases of the game.

Uniforms. Maybe its just the afterglow of victory but that bumblebee, jailbird look has grown on me. They made those unis look good.

Have I missed anything?