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5 Burning Questions for the Steelers Coming Out of the Bye Week

It may or may not be Must Win for the Steelers this week, but here are 5 Burning Questions facing Steelers face heading into Philly.

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The Steelers are coming off an early bye week into what some are already calling a Must Win game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. Regardless of whether its Must Win or not, here are 5 Burning Questions that Steelers Nation must answer heading into the face off with Philly.

1. Writing about the NFL's decision not to fine Philip Wheeler for his late, illegal hit, our site editor Neal Coolong had this to say:

It can be argued at this point Beachum's shove propelled him toward Roethlisberger, and the result was him striking his leg.

At the same time, though, forward momentum may be there, but Wheeler still seems to be aiming for Roethlisberger's leg. It's a subjective decision whether to call it intentional or simply the result of the momentum caused by Beachum's shove.

What do you think, should Wheeler have been fined?

2. The running game's numbers are terrible, but Todd Haley has pointed out that the Steelers have had running it in short yardage situations. Does this itself fulfill Art Rooney II's commandment that the Steelers "Be able to run the ball when they need to."

3. Weslye Saunders will be eligible to return after the Eagles game. If the Steelers choose to activate him, that cost someone else their roster spot. Who should be on the bubble, and would he half to show you to keep his roster spot.

4. Despite the fact that they've both been in the NFL since 1933, and play each other every 4 years, why isn't there more of a natural rivalry between the Steelers and Eagles?

5. Last Year's Bye Week Edition of the 5 Burning Questions asked people to be honest about times they've looked at the schedule and planned some important event around the Steelers bye week. People shared a lot of great answers, but the most candid one came from "Frank" who confessed:

Waited for a bye week to kick my girlfriend out once. Sundays were the only day we were both home for extended periods., and I didn't want to deal with during a game. I know, i know..I'm horrible, but that was a long time coming. She was a very stressful person to be around at that time. I also needed another check to by a new Tv, we used hers when mine broke.

Can anyone top that?

Bye Week Bonus

6. Refer back to question number 1. Had James Harrison or Ryan Clark hit Carson Palmer the same way and under the same circumstances as Wheeler hit Ben, how would Ray Anderson have reacted?

There you go. Have at it folks!