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NFC East Edition of 5 Burning Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers

Victory over Washington was great. But a stiffer challenge awaits the Steelers in New York. How can they cope without Ryan Clark? What to do about David DeCastro? Is Jonathan Dwyer for real? Answer these and other Burning Questions facing the Steelers.

Nick Laham

The Steelers looked sharp in their 27-12 victory over the Redskins. But a stiffer challenge awaits them in New York, in the form of the defending world champions.

With that we bring you our NFC East edition of the 5 Burning Questions.

1. Jonathan Dwyer registered back to back 100 yard rushing games for the first time since Willie Parker did so in 2008. Is that because:
A. This is the first time since then the offensive line has been capable of sustaining such a rushing attack.
B. Its all about the change in management on the offensive side of the ball.
C. Dwyer is, in fact, the next Jerome Bettis. End of story.

2. Assuming David DeCastro is in fact healthy, what should the Steelers do: Activate him and start him, Activate him but bring him on as a back up, or put him on IR since the current offensive line is finally jelling?

3. Vs. the Redskins on Sunday, the Steelers special teams played a fairly clean game... That is except negating another touchdown because of a penalty. ...Anyone ready to second guess the decision to pink slip Al Everest?

4. You are Kevin Colbert: The NFL Trading deadline is tomorrow. If you could trade to bring on board any one player who would that be and who would you would you give up for him?

5. You are Dick LeBeau: If you have to play Eli Manning and the New York Giants without both Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu, how do you compensate?