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NFL Trade Rumors: Would the Steelers trade Ryan Mundy for the right price?

Rookie Robert Golden has had more time to get used to the defense, and Mundy, in a contract year, shouldn't be expected to return next season when he hits unrestricted free agency. Now is perhaps a good time to get something for him.

Karl Walter

While the injuries to Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark have perhaps set trade winds blowing at exactly zero knots (if not negative) around the Steelers' South Side facility, an extended trade deadline - and a salary cap-friendly contract - could have been enticing for the Steelers to think about dealing back-up Ryan Mundy for a late 2013 draft pick.

Mundy lost his starting job to Will Allen in Week 6, and the Steelers have shown defensive improvement in each game. Not suggesting Mundy's absence was the reason the team improved, but at the very least, he's showing to not be the most important guy on the field when he is in there.

A restricted free agent in 2012, Mundy will hit the open market next year, and while the Steelers still may have some interest in the veteran after that, perhaps it wouldn't be a terrible idea to kick the tires on renting him out for the non-returnable price of a late 2013 draft pick to a team in dire need of a safety.

Detroit comes to mind.

The Steelers are as likely to close down their operation in 2013 than they are trading a player during the season, but sensing an opportunity, no one could put it past them making a move to help improve their future team at basically no risk to the current one.