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Pick 6 Fantasy Football - BTSC's Week 4 Results & Week 5 Reminder

Get your Week 5 picks in before 8:20 pm tonight (kickoff for Cardinals vs. Rams).

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Time for our weekly Pick 6 Football recap! I'm sure most of you know the drill by now - it's a relatively new little fantasy football game from SB Nation that's very easy to pick up - pick 6 players each week that fit under your $120 limit and the top-10 scorers will be featured here each week (click here for more on rules and scoring if you're unfamiliar). There are some new factors and features this week though, so read on for those.

Pick 6 is just some fun, friendly competition in our BTSC community and you need to jump in and get your picks in before 8:20 pm tonight - kickoff time for Thursday Night Football between undefeated Pittsburgh West and their division rival in St. Louis.

Here were our top-10 BTSCers in Week 4:


Overall scores were down, with the top-10 averaging just 82.96 (top-10 average was 96.37 in Week 3, 89.9 in Week 2, and 85.11 in Week 1). I blame most players being ridiculously overpriced, and the metric for pricing players needing a tweak. But our current reigning winner - Bilbo86 - was nonetheless able to put up a 97.1 that would've been impressive in any week, and here's how he did it:

Week 4 Winning Roster - Bilbo86
POS Player Team Cost Points
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF $8.25 27.4
RB Adrian Peterson MIN $47.75 12.2
WR Brandon Lloyd NWE $29.25 11.0
TE Greg Olsen CAR $6.25 14.9
K Mike Nugent CIN $0.50 9.0
WC Stevan Ridley (RB) NWE $24.50 22.6

$116.50 97.1

None of Bilbo's players were top-scorers at their respective positions, but hitting big on bargains like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Greg Olsen, without any dud performances from anyone else, was also good enough to place him 7th overall on the Week 4 leaderboard for all of SB Nation!

New Features This Week:

- Mini-feed of stories - You know how your picks are registered as part of BTSC's group? Well they're now displaying a little feed of the most recent BTSC stories when you're logged in and looking at the Pick 6 home page (so futuristic!)

- Clearance Sale!! - Remember how expensive everyone was across the board last week? Well, "For this week only, keep an eye out for extraordinary values!"

What exactly does "extraordinary values" mean?

Let me just say that I spent a grand total of $3.00 out of my available $120 for my Week 5 picks, and I am not at all worried about it. Honestly, I think everyone should see what they can put together just from $0.50 players this week - it's well worth it to skim through the whole list.