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Steel Curtain Radio: Bullish Or Bearish On The 2012 Steelers?

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Are you bullish on the Steelers?

It's sort of an "are-you-in-or-are-you-out" kind of question as we continue to evaluate the direction to which this team is heading. That question was asked to me by Steel Curtain Radio host Lance Williams the other night.

And Williams even worked in the word "panacea," when discussing the running game. It works well.

A panacea of questions follow...what is the deal with this running game? What will the rotation for the running backs be? What is the philosophy behind the Steelers' tackles, and why are the Steelers drafting them? Which one is struggling the most in the running game?

We dip into those questions and more on another great edition of Steel Curtain Radio, recorded in wake of the Steelers' Week 5 game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Neither Williams nor myself feel all that great about the Steelers' chances this weekend, but that's due to what we see from the Eagles. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the amount of mistakes they continue to make, and how they're one or two plays away from having a 1-3 record.