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Replacement Official: NFL Told Us Not To Call Pass Interference On Hail Marys

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

Any opportunistic former replacement official could probably name his price to tell all. Maybe even write a book. I'd watch them all and read them all.

According to a few former replacement officials, they were instructed by the NFL to not call pass interference on Hail Mary passes.

There's some logic in those kinds of statements, and it seems more realistic the message was more like "you have to be really sure on those plays to let it play out." Calling pass interference when it's obvious both sides are jockeying for position seems to favor the offense more than anything.

Golden Tate must have been in on those conversations, and exploited it fully. He shoved Packers defensive back Sam Shields like he was run-blocking him. No call.

And people blame the replacement officials? How many more unique instructions were the replacement officials given, and how many of them are still in effect?