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Steelers Vs. Eagles: Brandon Boykin 'Doesn't Understand' Candy Bar Comment Made By Antonio Brown

Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown referred to Eagles nickel back Brandon Boykin as "the candy bar" after practice Wednesday.

Brown didn't go into too much detail about the specific ingredients the Boykin Bar has - caramel? Nougat? - but it doesn't seem Boykin understands what he's talking about anyway.

According to Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia columnist Reuben Frank, Boykin didn't even understand it.

Brandon Boykin's first reaction was: "I didn't even get it. I was confused."

It seems more than anything, Boykin has a creamy center filled with surrendering big plays, but at the very least, he has't gone up against slouches. Or, at least Larry Fitzgerald and Victor Cruz, then a game against the Cleveland Browns.

Neither of them have officially commented on which sugary items make up the Boykin Bar, but depending on how Boykin does Sunday, word may get around the league about the popular new candy coming to Heinz Field right in time for Halloween.