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Steelers David DeCastro Not Cleared To Run But Is Attending Meetings

Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

An Associated Press report is saying Steelers rookie guard David DeCastro is walking without a brace, and while his work is limited to just a stationary bike, his teammates are praising his attentiveness in meetings.

The fact he's still in town and is attending meetings as he works through what must be a pretty nasty rehabilitation process is a sign of high optimism DeCastro will be able to return physically, but most importantly, will be ready to step back onto the field and contribute without mental setbacks.

While not the exclusive fault of right guard Ramon Foster, the Steelers offensive line has not performed well as a unit to this point in the season. DeCastro was the 24th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Steelers with the intention of starting him at right guard. Foster has done what he can do, and he's respected for that, but DeCastro's combination of athleticism and power are impressive, and as soon as he catches up to the speed of the game, he'll be one of the better interior offensive linemen in the league.

It may even end up being something of a benefit for DeCastro. Getting the opportunity to sit and watch the team prepare may help ease him into his role upon his return. If nothing else, he should understand the playcalling and the ebb and flow of weekly preparation by the time he does re-join the active roster.