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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Cardinals at Rams

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

There are just three teams in the league that have yet to lose a game:

1). Houston Texans - 4-0 and looking like the team to beat right now, with a league-leading +70 point-differential. Their defense is nasty as ever, even after letting Mario Williams walk.

2). Atlanta Falcons - 4-0 and are second in the league with a point-differential of +48 (in case you're wondering where the Steelers check in - it's a measly +2). After how many years of playing second-fiddle to Drew Brees and the Saints, the Falcons know that now is there time to win (especially considering how much the gave up to draft Julio Jones, after judging him to be the final piece they needed to really make a run).

3). Arizona Cardinals - Seriously, they're 4-0 as well and who woulda thunk that Pittsburgh West would be one of the last three standing? Coming into the year with an unsettled quarterback situation - Kevin Kolb and John Skelton each have their limitations - our old friend Ray Horton and his defense have buoyed them with a string of strong performances. The Cardinals boast the No. 3 scoring defense in the league, and that includes having impressively locked down Tom Brady and the Patriots on the road in Week 2.

How long do you think the Cardinals can last before they finally drop a game? Will the Rams upset them tonight?

Discuss away.