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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Texans Vs. Jets kick off in New Jersey

ESPN will do its best to make this game about Tim Tebow, but Steelers fans are going to kick back anyway and watch the last Week 5 game of the year.

Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

ESPN:60 or whatever it's called runs a five minute piece on a high school football player who was injured during a game and eventually had his leg amputated. Tim Tebow had him on the sideline for a game last year, and apparently, they've chatted a few times since then.

We know our Nobel Prize winner for 2012, now, don't we?

While I silently curse under my breath about the amount of other men of character in the NFL outside of Tebow and how I have no idea who they are because media refuse to report on it, we'll watch the game tonight NOT in the spirit of watching Mark Sanchez get injured (Eric Winston will be mad at you if you do) but rather, for the pure fun of seeing the hostile crowd turn on Mark Sanchez...or possibly even Tebow when he Newtons his first red zone throw to that Kerley guy's feet. on. Remember, we're raising glasses to James Harrison tonight, and in doing that, on the first snap of the game (not including the kick) hell "HAIL!"

That's how we're doing this from now on.