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DeAngelo Hall says "cheap shot" led to his ejection in Steelers' Week 8 win over Washington

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall says he plans to talk to the league in regards to his ejection for a heated confrontation with an official in his team's 27-12 loss at Pittsburgh in Week 8.

Justin K. Aller

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall was on the 106.7 The Fan with The LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes show recently, suggesting there was more to his altercation with an official in Pittsburgh's 27-12 win over Washington in Week 8.

Among the highlights, Hall referred to the actions of Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders as having taken a "cheap shot," and his suggestions the official was equally as wrong as he was.

Hall was thrown out of the game after confronting an official and taking his helmet off on the field of play. Hall maintains the Redskins called a timeout, therefore, he could take his helmet off. That particular official had not indicated a timeout was called, nor was there a whistle indicating it in the audio.

Sports Radio Interviews transcribed Hall's interview.

I thought it was a cheap shot. I got a lot of respect for the Steelers organization and their team, and they came in and handed us a pretty good butt-whooping. Me being frustrated at the game had nothing to do with it or that particular play. The receiver went to block me and I went to block him right back just as hard as him, and then I continued to get the back of my helmet pulled up and like slammed or whatever ya'll want to say. The receiver still gets in my face and talks trash.

The replay shows Sanders and Hall getting in a tussle on a play when both players were away from the ball. It looks like nothing more than a slight scrap - something in which neither player was guilty of anything. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said Sanders should have been flagged for what he called a "full nelson" on Hall.

It's unclear whether Shanahan is aware of what a full nelson is.

Perhaps officials may have noticed it and taken a moment to calm both of them down, but Sanders didn't do anything in particular that should have drawn the reaction it did from Hall. Or, at least, it wasn't something that should draw a reaction in a game that was decidedly over by that point. The Steelers led by two touchdowns well into the fourth quarter.

Hall can say what he wants, and perhaps the official (who was standing in front of the play and did not throw a flag on either player) could have done something on previous plays to address what Hall is suggesting built up over the course of the game.

It really takes a lot to get thrown out of an NFL game; this isn't San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy arguing balls and strikes, seemingly to get thrown out of a meaningless blowout game in June. There may be two sides to the story, but Hall was the only one getting in the face of the official and continuing to berate him well after the play had ended.