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Week 9 NFL Predictions: Smooth Jimmy weighs in on the action

We're talking NFL, Week 9 picks, and Smooth Jimmy. How can he bet against the Steelers this week?

Joe Sargent

San Diego 24, Kansas City 6

Denver 31, Cincinnati 19

Baltimore 34, Cleveland 17

The last time the Ravens played, they faced a pissed off Houston team that got destroyed by Green Bay the previous week. Ya think the Ravens will pass that along? Cuz Smooth Jimmy does.

Green Bay 45, Arizona 10

Smooth Jimmy finds it absolutely hilarious that FOX made this its national game this week. Does Joe Buck only travel west for baseball games? How could this slaughter in the making not be perceived as anything other than more overstated Packers lust combined with the need to show an offensive massacre above all else?

Chicago 26, Tennessee 19

You effing Bears...I swear to God.

Miami 21, Indianapolis 17

Flash back to the beginning of the 2012 season. Smooth Jimmy said "by the end of Week 8, the AFC's wild cards will be the Dolphins and the Colts. No, Smooth Jimmy did not say that. He has picked the Dolphins to win many games this year.

Washington 27, Carolina 13

Detroit 38, Jacksonville 16

Houston 27, Bills 3

Oakland 24, Tampa Bay 21

Seattle 13, Minnesota 10

Steelers 26, Giants 23

Smooth Jimmy's feeling hot picking that score. Watch Ben Roethlisberger pull off a signature win in the game that officially launches the Steelers into serious contender status.

Atlanta 31, Dallas 20

New Orleans 38, Eagles 20