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Ben Roethlisberger mentions birth of son coming "in about two weeks"

Steelers quarterback and soon-to-be first-time dad Ben Roethlisberger suggested on a national radio program his son could be born "in about two weeks." Consider it the official launch of the "Ben Roethlisberger Baby Pool."


Consider this, the official Ben Roethlisberger Baby Pool.

Shrewdly picked up by Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was on the Dan Patrick Show Friday. As Patrick was grilling him about names for his soon-to-arrive newborn son, Roethlisberger told him he'd "let you know in two weeks."

Ed Bouchette had a 1-on-1 with Roethlisberger many moons ago, when Roethlisberger suggested the due date was sometime around the end of November into the beginning of December. Roethlisberger also said he would miss a game to be present at the birth of his son.

The question has been when that game would be.

In an odd happenstance, the Steelers are scheduled to play the Baltimore Ravens twice in three weeks, with a game against the Cleveland Browns in between. Three consecutive AFC North games, after only playing one through the first nine games.

The Steelers have games on Nov. 18 (vs. Baltimore), Nov. 25 (at Cleveland) and Dec. 2 (at Baltimore). Being present at the birth of his son is and should absolutely be his No. 1 priority. Cleveland, though, isn't far, and it's feasible if the child is born in the earlier part of the week leading up to the game, he could miss some practice time and still play. Best of both worlds, if you will.

Considering practice schedules - not to mention the possibility of the Roethlisbergers simply planning to induce labor around a time where Roethlisberger could conceivably take a day or two off, practice, play in a game, take another day or two off and continue in that kind of a fashion.

As for the pool, here are the rules, no prizes, just bragging rights. Select the date and time to the minute. Whomever is the closest (times rounded up) wins (all times Eastern).

I'm taking 6:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 26.