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NFL Sunday Open Thread:

Hang out and discuss the full slate of NFL action Sunday in preparation for the Steelers' Monday Night game against Kansas City.

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Plenty to watch in the early games, with the Giants staying among the AFC North with a game at Cincinnati and the injury-depleted Raiders heading (likely for massacre) for Baltimore. Cleveland appears to have the day off, but that isn't necessarily indicative of them having a bye this week.

Easy joke.

Second half of the season starts this week, and teams will begin to define themselves as contenders, if they plan to do that. Weather gets a little worse, practices are just a bit tougher. Who can gut it out this week?

Who are you all watching? I'll be flipping through a multitude of games while being fortunate enough to view the weekend from a buddy's place. I'll be out of communication for a bit, but I'll stop in just to annoy everyone.

Discuss the latest Steelers news, including the potentially difficult (serious) match-up against the Chiefs. There will be a day where the Chiefs don't turn the ball over 14 times in a game. Will that be Monday?