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Five reasons the Steelers will beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 10

On paper, the Steelers appear to have a significant advantage in this game, but the Chiefs are still an NFL team and can pose a threat to the Steelers' three-game winning streak.

Peter Aiken

Sometimes Xs and Os don't encapsulate what a team needs to do to win. Sometimes it's just as simple as riding your advantage in terms of talent.

The Chiefs could be a more competitive team, and even if they didn't appear to enjoy giving away possession, the Steelers are more talented hat-on-hat. It's the kind of game - and the weather holds true to this - where the Steelers must simply buckle up and exert their will upon their opponent.

Can they do that? Sure. Here's why.

Turnovers, turnovers turnovers

We've harped on this enough this week, but with rain expected throughout the game, and ball security being less of a priority for the Chiefs and considered wise, the Steelers must capitalize on any chance to gain extra possessions. The biggest reason the Chiefs haven't led in regulation yet this season is due to their prolific ability to give their opponent the ball. The Steelers have to force that streak to continue.

Hate Into Fire of Run Game

Simply put, you stay with what works. The Steelers have dominated their last three games on the ground, and they have to give their big dogs up front the chance to eat. Whether it's Isaac Redman or Jonathan Dwyer - preferably both - the Steelers must continue to control the clock by moving the ball successfully on the ground.

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He's Got The Looks That Kill

Gone are the days of Bruce Arians carpet bombing secondaries with Wallace Bombs all over the field. Today, laser-guided, surgical strikes at precisely calculated moments is the way to go, and we're going to see a few of those tonight. Even without Brown, the Steelers present nightmare match-ups for the Chiefs secondary, and they're going to look to use Wallace off Emmanuel Sanders against the Chiefs' zone-heavy defense.

Home Sweet Home

The Steelers have won seven straight Monday Night games at Heinz Field, and are 14-0 in Pittsburgh since 1992. They're 24-5 at home all time. Winning road prime time games in Pittsburgh is as rare as wins can be in the NFL, and teams much better than Kansas City have shrunk under the lights during that time.

Same Ol' Situation

Throw out margin of victory (the Steelers don't need to score 55 points to feel good about themselves), or any streak the Chiefs may be on. Expect the Steelers to focus on what they've been doing - and what's becoming a trend. Crisp execution, explosive offense and physical defense. It's no different in this game than it was at Cincinnati in prime time facing a must-win game. It's critical for the Steelers to not make this game into something it isn't. Take care of business, protect the ball, come out swinging and lean on an inferior opponent.