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Alameda Ta'amu waived to make room for wide receiver David Gilreath

The move isn't surprising, and could simply mean Steelers rookie nose tackle Alameda Ta'amu will be signed back soon after the Steelers' Monday Night game against Kansas City.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

With wide receiver Antonio Brown out of Monday night's game against Kansas City, the Steelers activated David Gilreath to fill in as the team's fourth wide receiver.

It also meant a player had to be released. Alameda Ta'amu was that player.

The rookie, a fourth round pick for whom the Steelers traded up with Washington, is facing DUI and destruction of property charges in Pittsburgh. He was released by the team in wake of its Monday night game. The Steelers kept him on their roster after he served a two game suspension for his arrest, but he only lasted two weeks before being released.

Ta'amu is subject to waivers now, and can be claimed by anyone in the NFL. If he goes unclaimed, he can sign anywhere as a free agent - including the Steelers and its practice squad.

Brown could miss the Steelers' Week 11 game against Baltimore as well, meaning it's a good bet Gilreath has two weeks in the sun - at least. If the Steelers do want to bring Ta'amu back, it seems like it would be as part of its practice squad as opposed to the active roster.

Ta'amu hasn't been active in any of the Steelers games, before or after the suspension, and hasn't made a positive impression so far in his career. Younger players are said to need time to develop in the Steelers' defensive system, but outside of the arrest, the only time Ta'amu's name appeared in print was in the list of inactive players each week.

Considering the need the team had to bring in a fourth receiver, and Ta'amu's lack of playing time, even without his arrest and suspension, he may have been the player released. Assuming Ta'amu hasn't managed to get any more legal trouble (and his timing couldn't have been better for the Steelers if he had, considering the need for a roster spot), his release is simply due to a roster move needing to be made.

Stay tuned for further reports on the release of rookie Alameda Ta'amu